Window Interior Finishes


Vinyl Jamb Extensions

Want to make your boring window frames fabulous? We can help you with our assortment of vinyl jamb trims. There are options for any interior styles!


  • virgin PVC – fully lead-free;
  • no need for maintenance;
  • suits any shape.

Vinyl Snap-On Casings

Another option to make your window frames look beautiful. They come in plenty of offers too – choose the one you like! Our Snap-On casings have mitered corner and stylish rosettes.


  • virgin PVC – fully lead-free;
  • no need for maintenance;
  • suits any shape.


Want to be bigger as a company? We offer you the purchase of a tilt system in the finished form, which ends in branded packages.

This allows:

  • enhance the business’ image;
  • make inventory control easier;
  • get rid of non-monetary balances;
  • enter the DIY market.

Finishes are made mainly of polyvinyl chloride. Most of the finishes include:

  • 3 slope panels;
  • 3 starting profiles;
  • 3 jambs;
  • 15 latches (except few that include 20 latches);
  • 2 angle covers.

Starting Profiles

Starting profiles are a tool to connect a sloping panel to a window frame. They can be installed with screws. These profiles feature a special functional element, which has a shape of a beak – it prevents the formation of cracks and holes between a profile and a window opening. Starting profiles do not require sealing. They also have the functional and decorative element which fixates an external side of a panel and creates a solid look of it. Starting profiles are made of PVC composition.


Slope Panels

Slope panels allow you to make a system of any width needed while decreasing remains. Slope systems have a special lock made of 2 parts – lower works as slope fixation, and lateral – as jamb fixation. These panels are made of polyvinyl chloride composition, which includes PVC resin, chalk, and other additives.



Are you tired of visible wall and window frame defects? Our jambs can make a whole window or even a wall system look solid and better, while also increasing its functionality. Jambs are unique in a way that they can be placed without a slope system. They can be installed without covers as well – just by cutting jambs at 45 degrees and making them form an angle frame. They are made of polyvinyl chloride.



Our latches can help you in fixation of slope system to a window opening, a jamb to a wall or an angled cover to a frame. They allow installment of window parts without glue, screws, and sealing, still making them work for decades. Latches make the process of installment easier and faster and work well with openings up to 5 centimeters. Made of polypropylene.


Slope Designs

Slope system allows you to solve functional tasks, and make an interior finish look more beautiful. These systems can be easily laminated and colored. They are already measured. All it takes is an assembling to enjoy your new slopes. Systems are made of polyvinyl chloride.


Corner Covers

Looking for a way to connect vertical and horizontal jambs without cutting them to a 45-degree angle? Use our angle covers – they allow you to save time and energy in work by formatting an ideal connection between two parts without any holes and need for sealing. These covers are made of polystyrene.

About Jambs and Snap-On Casings

For you to have more options to choose, we offer not only vinyl finishes but wooden too. Namely, we have pine and custom stained oak trims.

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