Referral Program

Bonus program

When you face a problem of finding a window supplier, you can visit many websites and review different window supplying companies. There you will find the detailed pricing of the products they offer. All Tech Windows Inc. company tries not only follow referral programs but endorse customer referrals as well.

We believe you will be left satisfied with the goods and services All Tech Windows Inc. provide. We present all our current customers with the referral certificate for a further post-installation package. Share your experience with a friend or ask them to mention your name at the moment of appointment.

If the people you mentioned end up getting windows with us, we will send you a cheque for $100. No bonuses or discounts.

You can take part in this referral program as many times as you wish and still be paid. The customer you referred must pass through the process of window replacement. You won’t get money for terminated contracts.

Don’t worry about anything if someone referred you to us. All your information is on file. Every time one of your references appear, we will just call you to tell that your money is in the mail.

The people you referred do not need to have your certificate. The only thing they should do is mention your name while making the contract and make sure that their sales project consultant has added your name to the contract. We do not need any information from you. All your data is kept in our files.

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