Sliding Windows

All Tech Windows Inc. offers three types of Sliding Windows

One-Sided Tilt Slider
One-Sided Tilt Slider
One-Sided tilt-sliding PVC windows are conducted in a level position. One window frame remains stable and the other one is moving and gets tilted into the room for easier clearance.
Double-Sided Slider Butterfly
Double-Sided Slider Butterfly
A double-sided tilt slider PVC windows obtain two casements that are sideways movable. In this type, the is more clearance, and one or both frames can be tilted into the room. Along with this, you get the advantage of opening one or two frames at once, controlling the inside airing.
End-Side Vent Slider
End-Side Vent Slider
The end-side vent slider PVC windows have two venting sashes with a low stable center sash. When you need to open a window wider than 74 inches and you need a sliding function, the most efficient available function is the end side vent slider.

The Main Characteristics of All Tech Windows Inc.  Sliding Windows:


Night Latches

This feature is available only for double-side slider windows. It prevents the window from being fully opened and still is considered to be more advantageous and a more secure way to ventilate your room at night.


Double Interlocking Rails

Double rails are standard functions of all types of slider and hinged windows. To form hermetically tied bands, they are superimposed on a locked rail.


Outside Runoff Water Flaps

These flaps are open only in the case when water is needed to run off.


Heavy-Duty Tappet Lock

This type of lock is made of steel and provides easy operating tappet actions as well as the maximum security of locks.


Additional ETI Foam

ETI means Engineered Thermal Insulation. ETI Foam increases temperature efficiency of big PVC window cavities.


Fusing Mitered Welds

Each frame is put under extreme heat and pressure for sounding mitering and fusion welding. It provides a non-separable bond at each joint of sturdier frames. As well sophisticates longer operating functions of windows.


Insect Protective Fly Maze

All Tech Windows Inc. uses a sponge-like insect protection materials inside the casement. It prevents insects passing through window tunnels and forming nests inside the window.

All Tech Windows Inc. offers our Customers a great variety of windows types. To get more information follow the link “Europe Windows & Doors”

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