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Internal doors and front doors are usually replaced together with windows around the house. But since the entrance doors are often made of wood and steel, the patio doors can be predominantly classified into windows because they are made and have functions like a window. Their performance is identical to the window. Patio doors can accommodate any standard or special holes up to 12 feet high. All patio doors are equipped with sliding screens.

The Efficiency of Patio Doors

As it was said before, patio doors can be referred to an oversized window, because their manufacturing and functions are similar to most PVC windows. When we are talking about energy saving, we should take into consideration same features that modern windows have. Patio Doors have the same principle of energy saving ensured by Low-E covers and filling. The same energy saving principals are used in modern windows.

Standard Sizes of Patio Door

We can offer several standard dimensions of Patio Doors, which are based on the width of the hole. If you replace the old door courtyard with a new one, most likely your opening is all ready to accommodate standard 5 or 6 wide doors. Everything, in this case, is absolutely clear. But if you want to increase the open platform or even create a new one, then your walls need to be cut. In that case, you have to be prepared for the extra charges of replacing and installing doors. To ensure customer satisfaction and effective work, most window companies will recommend keeping the size of the existing courtyard door.


Standard patio door sizes are as follows:

Width (inches) Height (inches)
58 1/2 79 1/2
59 1/2 79 1/2
70 1/2 79 1/2
71 1/2 79 1/2
95 1/2 79 1/2
59 1/2 81 1/2
71 1/2 81 1/2
95 1/2 81 1/2
59 1/2 95 1/2
71 1/2 95 1/2
95 1/2 95 1/2

Security Parameters of Patio Doors


Typically, the patio door has one big drawback: they do not have good safety features. Of course, with the help of glass doors, you risk a potential thief breaking in and has the ability to strictly adhere to your internal premises.


As the window industry in Canada began using and force fitting the technology of vinyl materials, a number of good features had been invented and used for patio doors as well.


Nowadays, all patio doors obtain one or several of these extra security features, such as security bar, kick lock, and key lock.


All of these security devices are applied to increase the safety of your new door without sacrificing its functionality and the views.

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