Hopper Windows


Do you know what a hopper window is?

Hopper windows have the same operating peculiarities as casing and awning windows have. Both these types are operated by a hinge. The only difference is that hopper opens into the room.


Hopper window are usually located in basements as they require minimal wall space and ensures full capacities of frame window when opening and closing. They are perfect insulators as they close against the frame for an airtight seal.


They are also a perfect suit for good airing and humidity reduction. Using open hopper can help you to get rid of musty basement’s odor.

Hopper Windows Characteristics Offered

We offer a 3-1/4” accurately mitered frame with little window sizes of 24” x 13” and a maximum of 48” x 24”. They are most suitable for use as an egress window since they meet the standard minimum requirements of 35” x 24”.


Its components comprise heavy-duty reinforced top-hinges, easy-open metal units and a mill finish lock applied for a secure closing.


The main seal, the secondary seal, the lining of the double-glazed windows and the dry packaging are elements of the Cardinal Endure Insulating Glass Unit. The Cardinal Endure fiberglass, in its turn, guarantees perfect energy saving in a sealed block.


Hopper sash is movable so it is easy for clearance and access.


All Tech Windows Inc. offers a great variety of exterior colors: White, Cream, SDT, Sandalwood, Black, Dover Grey, Forest Green, High Gloss Brown, and Sable. Interior coloring is not available.

Your Best Choice

The best choice for your basement is a Hopper Window. To get the right fit and sealing we advise you to consult with an experienced professional. For your better understanding please contact All Tech Windows Inc. online consultant.

All Tech Windows Inc. offers our Customers a great variety of windows types. To get more information follow the link “Europe Windows & Doors”

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