Custom Shape

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Custom- oriented PVC windows of different shape are specially designed for different custom window shape.

We have a large number of form variants that help to create a unique design of the residential premises for our clients.

The main features of custom shape windows:


The Frame of Multi-Chamber type

These frames are made of 100% vinyl components without the addition of lead. The technology of All Tech Windows Inc. Multichip Frame improves moisturizing protection from the glass surface, as well as reduces condensation, fungal growth, and enhances noise protection.


Additional ETI Foam

ETI means Engineered Thermal Insulation. ETI Foam increases temperature efficiency of big PVC window cavities.


Narrow Profile

The main advantage of the built-in Windows profile is the maximum daily light output. Through a narrower profile, the glass area increases, making your home filled with more natural light


Wide Profile

Wide Profile Windows match casement window combination units.

All Tech Windows Inc. offers our Customers a great variety of windows types. To get more information follow the link “Europe Windows & Doors”

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