Bow and Bay Windows

Bay Windows
Bay Windows
PVC bay windows are a great way to add extra space and lighting to your room and draw attention to your place of residence. The sharpening windows, as a rule, consist of three windows that extend from the outside of your home. Inside the house, this bay is usually used as an extra seat and a nice viewing space. The typical structure of the bay is one large stable window in the center and two window covers on both sides.
Bow Windows
Bow Windows
Laminated PVC windows are a set of four or more connected window units. Five connection devices are more typical of this type of window. The windows of this type may be different: stationary, operating, or any combination. The windows of vinyl bows give you broad performances and create a different dimension for your residence. Thanks to them, you get an elegant living space.

Main characteristics of Bay and Bow Windows:


Push Down Screens

All movable windows have a screen with an aluminum rust protected frame which extends the screen operation time. Heavy gauge fiberglass mesh is more wear-resisting and a pinless operating system provides easier screen removing and reinstallation.


Folding Handle

Folding Handle is made of stainless steel material. This unit can be folded so that you can get maximum space on the inside, which makes it ideal for clients to use windows.


Multi-Point Lock

Our multi-level lock for the lever is in a convenient position. It is easy to operate, durable and increases the level of security of your home and the level of insulation.


Insect Protection

All Tech Windows Inc. uses sponge-like materials inside of our casement to protect the frames of insect invasion. It stands up to insects passing through window tunnels and forming nests inside the window.


The Frame of the Multi-Chamber type

These frames are made of 100% vinyl components without the addition of lead. The technology of All Tech Windows Inc. Multichip Frame improves moisturizing protection from the glass surface, as well as reduces condensation, fungal growth, and enhances noise protection.


Additional ETI Foam

ETI means Engineered Thermal Insulation. ETI Foam increases temperature efficiency of big PVC window cavities.


Fusion Mitered Welds

Each frame is accurately-mitered and fusion welded by means of extreme heat and pressure. This provides non-separable bond along the whole frame and also ensures long-lasting windows.


Strengthened Bar for a Window of Combinated Type

All Tech Windows Inc. applies steel strengthened bars for combination-oversized windows. It is required to achieve perfect performance on air tightness, water drain protection and wind driven rain conditions.

All Tech Windows Inc. offers our Customers a great variety of windows types. To get more information follow the link “Europe Windows & Doors”

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