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Canadian Products Offered by All Tech Windows Inc. 

All Tech Windows Inc. of Canadian technology is available in the following types: casement & awning, patio doors, bay and bow windows, hung, fixed windows and hoppers.

Let’s look through all of these window and door products…

Casement & Awning

Casing windows are considered to be a usual window type. It is opened by cranking the window handle and ensures good view to the outside as well as good inside ventilation. According to your preference PVC casing windows can be opened left side or right side.

Windows of awning type are usually opened bottom side. Awning windows are opened by cranking a handle that is located at the window bottom, providing the best airing as well as keeps rain drain outside.

Patio Doors

It is a common practice that patio doors and entry doors are replaced along with windows around the house. The entrance door is often made of wood and steel, the patio door is mainly related to the type of window since most of it consists of glass, and they are produced and function as windows. Basic operating functions are similar to windows functions. All Canadian patio doors are equipped with a sliding screen.


Canadian sliding windows have the following features: it has a heavy cap that provides lightweight operative actions, night latches that allow you to open a part of the window at night and at the same time provide night-time security and ventilation. Outside drainage valves open when water should fall out, additional foam used to improve thermal protection.

Bay and Bow Models

Vinyl windows of Bay & Bow model is a good way to get more extra space and light to your room and make your residence special. Bay & Bow windows are usually built of three or more windows sets that expand from the exterior surface of your residence. Inside the house, the receiving bay and bow space are usually used as additional seating and enjoyable viewing space. The typical structure of bay and bow window is one big stable window in the center and two casing windows by either side. Due to special and unique looking of such windows, Bay and Bow Windows make your home a special and creative one.

Hung Windows

The principal functional options of hung vinyl windows are of a vertical type. It means that they are operated only in up and down position. Its structure is as follows: one frame is stable and the other frame can be easily moved up and down. The movable frame can get tilted into the room to provide easier clearance.

Fixed Windows are also known as stationary windows. Fixed windows’ sashes are not supposed to be opened. In our Canadian line of products, we can differentiate two types of fixed windows: high profile frames and low profile frames. High profile windows are the most suitable for casement and awning windows, while low profile frames are the best solution for sliding windows and windows of the hung model.

Windows of Hopper Class

Hopper window is the perfect solution for basements, as they require minimal wall space and ensures full capacities of frame window when opening and closing.

This type of windows has similar functional options as casing and awning windows have. Both of these types are operated by a hinge. The only difference is that hopper is opened into the room. Hopper Window is considered to be perfect insulators as they close against the frame for an airtight seal.

To make the best choice for All Tech Windows Inc. products of Canadian Technology we highly recommend you to link each window type described in our website product subdivision.

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