European Windows are commonly known as “Tilt & Turn Windows”. All Tech Windows Inc.   European windows are manufactured from the best European materials. Tilt and Turn Windows is available as a single sliding window, double sliding butterfly and end air sliding tilt.

Single Sliding Windows

These PVC windows are operated at the same level, that is to say horizontally or side to side. One sash is stable while the other sash can be moved and get tilted inside allowing easier clearance.

Double Sliding Butterfly Windows

This type of sliding vinyl window equipped with two casements that can be moved sideways. One or two sashes can get tilted inside allowing easier clearance. Using such windows you get the advantage of opening one or both sashes simultaneously so that you can control the airing of your residence.

Sliding Tilt Windows

Such windows are equipped with two air able sashes. These sashes are of a low fixed centered. Such windows are the best solution when you need to open the window for more than 75 degrees. The sliding option is still available.

Tilt and Turn Windows are made from high-tech profiles that are the best choice for high energy saving capacities.

Tilt and Turn Windows Operations

Sufficient airing is achieved in the tilted position. This position provides good natural airflow along with preventing of powerful drafts. The security level of a window in tilt position is higher than the security level of casing windows due to unexposed window hardware.

The best airing is provided by turn position as well as the ability of glass clearance from inside.

Tilt and Turn Windows closed position also has its benefits,  it provides the highest security level along with its classical look.

Tilt and Turn Windows is still the best solution for your home!


All Tech Windows Inc. provides you with European Doors of different types, such as entry doors, patio doors, and sliding doors.

European Entry Door

Our entry doors have a convenient latch and full outside lock set. They are available in single or double configurations. They are obtained by four additional mushroom security locks on single doors.

European Patio Doors

A product of All Tech Windows Inc. offers greater thermal protection and higher rated security level than leaky sliding doors. European Patio doors have the tilt-in feature and also an exterior lock and handle. We offer these doors according to the customer, which is the best solution for non-standard doors in older homes. They are available in different variations. All European patio doors have a high secured lock.

European Sliding Doors

European sliding doors include compression seals, the entire perimeter of the circuit and the slope of the ventilation.

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