Confidence rules

Main principals:


The company of All Tech Windows Inc. pays great attention to your confidential information and in this regard arranged the preparing of these rules. The rules mentioned above had been prepared in order to notify you that All Tech Windows Inc. stores, accumulates, uses and discloses private data.


The set of rules mentioned above relates to private data obtained from and about individuals or companies that All Tech Windows Inc represents or intends to use. As well as the private data of individuals and companies with which we are currently cooperating.


Accumulation, Usage, and Disclosing of Private Data


Following the principals of the Rules:


“Consumer” is referred to a person who is intended to or has already bought the doors and windows;


“Personal data” is referred to as any data recorded in any form in relation to a verified consumer or person whose identity may be identified by using this data. If you provide All Tech Windows Inc., this information means that you agreed to the accumulation use and disclosure of your personal information that is in accordance with the privacy policy.


We require just private data that is essential for keeping in touch with consumers in order to maintain adjusting support and getting information about the quality of already maintained support. Our company needs to embrace your private data only in such cases.


All Tech Windows Inc. esteems these policies. Our company has never retailed, marketed, or exchanged any kind of received data for its personal profit.


Your private data will be accumulated for a ranged usage directly from the person in regards to. A different organization could obtain your private data only in case if All Tech Windows Inc. or some part of it is handed to another owner.


All Tech Windows Inc. company applies Facebook and Google advertisements using cookies. It works for increasing efficiency of our subscribers. Please see Facebook’s rules, and Google’s rules at


AdWords remarking is also applied by our company in order to popularize our web-page on the Internet. We site any cookie on a browser so that the non- affiliated company (f.ex. Google) has the opportunity to read these cookies and can place an ad to the non- affiliated company website. You choose whether to read this ad or not. If you are disturbed by such ad you may contact the Network Advertising Initiative page in order to refuse from seeing or visiting ad.


The Rules of Trust

The statement comes into force from February 11, 2018. Periodically All Tech Windows Inc. can observe and change its confidential rules. In case of any modification, the required notification will be sent to the consumer and any other parties.

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