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What is the main point of consideration when calculating the expenses for your windows replacement? Probably, it is your desire to create more energy saving residence as well as you need your windows to serve your as long as possible. The price remains one of the most essential parts of windows replacement process. New windows installation procedure isn’t always the cheapest, but if you want to save your money, just try to make a little research on windows market. So you can get real value out of your investment.

What is the price of the windows?

As a rule windows prices vary depending on its type, size, panes amount and some additional options. All Tech Windows Inc. is not an exception. Our windows price also differs depending on these factors. For more detailed price information please be welcome to contact our online or office sale consultant.

Windows price rate varies quite a bit. So you are faced with a question, what window prices are more dependable? There are two main factors that impact the final price: they are the type of installation and the window quality. In the process full frame window replacement, the old windows are removed with their frame. They are required to be removed down to the studs and headers surrounding the window. The new windows then get installed with brand new jambs, brickmoulds, and trim. This way is more thorough and takes more time for installation to be completed. In this type of replacement, our installers often face the issues with rotten or damaged wood and try to ensure that your new windows are of good sealing quality and are not the subject to leakage. Because this installation requires more labor forces, more materials, and window components, a full-frame replacement is expensive than a retrofit type of installation.

The second point that reflects window price is its quality.

As it was already proved before, full-frame installation is the perfect way to replace your house windows. The improper window installation can cause leaks or water damages to your windows and your house as well if they are not installed in the proper way. But how can you ensure that you’re purchasing windows of high quality? Moreover, most PVC windows look in the same for a simple buyer, and it is quite easy to get a lesser quality window for premium products. Now we will introduce you the main ways of purchasing windows.

Some ways to make sure that you are buying energy saving windows is to, first of all, consider buying windows that belong to ENERGY STAR rating. Different house products are on their performance in energy star rating. We can distinguish three unique climate zones for window performance rate.

To be proved energy sufficient windows, the new ones should correspond to Climate Zone 2 requirements and have at least ER of 29.
CSA and NAFR standards, for qualifying windows for these climates area, are also applied in ENERGY STAR rating.

You can look through ratings of All Tech Windows Inc. as well as other companies ratings on the official CSA website.

In conclusion, it is necessary to say that All Tech Windows Inc. offers our customers the best high- quality windows, manufactured with the best components and materials. This factor, in its turn, impacts our products price. We really take care of our customers home investments and try to provide the long duration of their investments.
All Tech Windows Inc. supplies the best products for the perfect price.

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