Non-responsibility clause

1. All information placed on our website is intended for free users research for issues they are interested in.
2. All information is presented unchanged without any completeness or timeliness of information, as well as without warranty of any kind. Access to the site along with the use of information is solely at your own discretion and risk.
3. Our website and information contents are free without any agreements between you, the website users, website moderators, and server owners.
4. Website moderators do not guarantee actuality, accuracy, completeness, credibility in accordance with a certain aim of the website and its Information. We can not guarantee the absence of any kind of website errors, its safety, and unfaulty connection. In addition, we can not guarantee that there are no errors in the websites, their security and connection failure, moderator fixes, the absence of website viruses or malware. Our website and its information do not violate the rights of a third party.
5. Website Moderators are to make proper measures to provide information accuracy, completeness, and validity, but are not responsible for the third party’s or organizations actions maintained on the basis of this website information.
6. Website Moderators are enforced to make changes without additional notifications of the users.
7. Website Moderator has the right to refuse the websites access for any user or a group of users without any warning and explanation of his actions.
8. Inactivity of moderators in case of violations by users or a group of users of the website does not deprive him of the right to take the necessary measures later to protect the interests of the website.
9. All information, placed on the website is covered by province law code.
10. Page design, logo, graphs, and pictures placed on the website are copyrighted.
Using this website, You agree to “Non-Responsibility Clause” and assume all responsibility that can be rested upon you.

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