Double and Triple Glass Units

Glass units are the principal elements of any window, and what is the most important for windows glass units is to be of high quality. To achieve the proper thermal-protection from harsh prairie climates you would usually need double paned windows. All Tech Windows Inc. has succeeded in making triple pane units, that are especially suited for areas with long-lasting winters where temperature levels remain lower for longer.

Double Glass Units


On top of everything, a great part of windows energy saving is obtained by means of low-emission (LoE) coatings on the inside of the glass panes. Gases, like argon and krypton, are introduced into a sealed glass to reduce the amount of heat transmitted through the window.

Triple Glass Units


The triple-pane windows of Windows have an additional glass pane located between the two outer panels. This means that you will receive additional advantage as an additional layer of argon or krypton gas between the panels, and as a result, you will get better insulation. Another advantage of triple-glass windows is, that they are equipped with a stronger metal structure, and performs better, compared to double-glazed windows.

The most frequent question we are asked to is what is the advantages of triple glass windows?
Now we will try to present you with the benefit of the triple glass window.

Four points to choose triple glass windows:

1. A larger gas filling capacity of Triple Pane Windows

Because triple pane windows have two chambers, both can be filled with argon or krypton gas. It significantly increases energy saving performance.


Let’s look through some example of All Tech Windows Inc.

A double glass window with 1 coat of Low-E 180 is obtained an ER rating of 28, on the other hand, a triple glass window with the same options is obtained with an ER rating of 34. From this example, we can observe that an additional glass pane with 2 argon filled chambers improves the window ER rate by 20%.

Larger gas filling capacity

2. Low-E is reached by Extra Glass Panel

Triple glass windows have an option to add an extra layer of Low-E due to the additional glass panel and as a result of better home efficiency.


A triple glass window with 1 cover of Low-E vs. the same window with 2 covers of Low-E improves the ER rate for 12 %.


For example, if we take a double glass All Tech Windows Inc. casement window with 1 cover of Low-E 180 and its ER rating of 28 against a triple glass window with 2 covers of Low-E with its ER rating of 38.


On the overall basis, it means that the additional window cover of triple pane windows makes better the ER rating from 34 to 38.

3. Triple pane Windows have a better soundproof capacity.

Better SoundProof

4. Triple pane windows decrease condensation on the glass.

Triple pane windows give a better chance to reduce condensation. Condensation on the glass occurs when the temperature of the lid inside the window is below the dew point. The dew point depends on temperature and relative humidity. The better the value of window insulation, the higher the temperature on the inside of the lid.

Condensation on glass


Let’s consider the comparative analysis of different window glass panels:

Charachteristics Single Panel Glass Window Double Panel Glass Window Triple Panel Glass Window
Light Transmission 75 % 72 % 68 %
Soundproof 26 dB 27 dB 28 dB

LoE Covered Glass

Approximately 75% of the window is glass-covered. Although the windows give wonderful views and beautiful natural light, they still bear the responsibility for most annual heating costs at home. It is important that the new windows should keep warm in the proper order, as well as keep the extremely hot and cold weather on the street.


U-value, R-value and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) are the principal values for consideration. The lower the U-value (higher R-value) the better windows are at preventing from heat and cold. Complex three layers cover has the lowest U-value. It provides the high-rated property of insulating and protects from the heat and UV rays. These glass units are of a darker color than regular ones. If you need more solar light you should prefer a glass of higher rated U-value.

Higher inside temperature in winter


LoE glass saves more inside heat than the usual glass does. It increases the possibility to maintain a comfortable thermal level.

Cooler inside temperature in the summer


LoE glass prevents the formation of harmful ultraviolet rays and reduces solar heating.

Argon and Krypton Gas Application

To prevent the cold inside the house and to decrease windows conductivity of heat Triple Pane Glass Windows had been invented.


For this requirement, gases of argon or krypton are used to fill the space between the panels. Both gases carry 50% less heat than air. In addition, when combined with a triple combination of panes and Endur IG gaskets, you will have better protection against heat loss, condensation and cold temperatures inside. And as a result of less heat loss, you get more internal energy.

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