Burglary protection

Burglary protection begins with your windows!

Thief’s protection!

Do you need thief protected windows?

Thief protection is an essential point for your consideration while replacing your windows. There is always a risk of a thief breaking into your house. And the thieves can take anything they desire, but if you prefer burglar-proof window they risk being caught as it will take too much time trying to open such a window. Every minute that the window resists a break-in is your advantage. An experienced criminal usually gives up after only a couple of minutes. That’s why its the polices recommendation to install burglary protection units when buying new windows.

You invest your money in your home’s safety.

Inside Safe-Tec

The best way to prevent an attempted burglary

The inside profile grid for the third lining around the window frame increases the chances of saving temperature and helps to prevent the rigid operation of the window

Safe-Tec increases the safety of your home.

All Tech Windows Inc. can assure stressless living with thief protected window technologies.

Inside connection

Inside connection technologies obtained added safety capacity.

The bonded glass coatings were used in the automotive sector, and soon they turned into a branch standard. All Tech Windows Inc. technologies have realized the advantages and developed technology that meets the special requirements for the construction of windows.

The window’s glass plating is connected to the profile. The extra strong connection between the plating and the sash is provided by adhesive: it is the best way to protect the sash from being opened and also an important requirement for thief resistance class RC2.

Thief protection of state funding type

Thief protection is the single option! In this regard, housekeepers of Germany, who want to protect their house against unwilling visitors, can get state funding in the form of reduced-rated loans and grants from KfW (a German bank specializing in development). Such funding support can be used to dispose of a home’s typical weak points, like the windows or front door.

The things you should know:

Minimum investment amount of The KfW Promotion Programmed 455 is ˆ500.

To take thief protective measures one can get a grand of 10 % from the cost that needed for eligible funding.

For front doors, this means that you can be reimbursed for totals between a minimum of ˆ50 and a maximum of ˆ1,500.

Your application for this grant should be submitted to KfW before replacement works start. This process is usually fast operated while using online KfW portal. You can start replacement works as soon as your application form has been approved.

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