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The benefits of Canadian and European Windows and Doors Products

All Tech Windows Inc. offers products of both Canadian and European technologies. For you being well-informed let’s compare the benefits of both technologies applied in All Tech Windows Inc. goods.

Canadian Windows and Doors Benefits

Innovative Technology of a firm bond appliance. The usage of a firm bond means that along with the windows you are to get increased window’s impermeability, improved temperature protective performances as well as enhanced window stability. In products with such technology appliance, the glass is tightly adjusted (glued) to the profile providing the even distribution of its weight on the profile. It gives the most stable position of your windows.

Maximum storage capacity. If you replace your windows with Canadian products from All Tech Windows Inc. you can be sure that you will receive not only durable operating windows, but you will receive the maximum thermal power of your home. Using the technology of interconnected windows, your windows are not backed up by profiles. This reduces the unwanted thermal losses of steel components and provides heat savings in your home.

The increased thief protective capacities of All Tech Windows Inc. Canadian Windows

An additional strong bond between the glass panes and window sash is provided by adhesive. Its usage is the best solution to prevent your house being in through windows and is an important part of your home security.

Additional Inside Foam

The appliance of windows inside foam technology increases thermal protective values! The polyurethane foam is used to fill in the entire central interior chambers of the window frame and sash. All Tech Windows Inc. successfully applies polyurethane, which is an industry-proven insulating material.

European Windows and Doors Benefits

Inside powering of All Tech Windows Inc. European Windows

A special glass reinforced form of plastic had been developed. This reinforced plastic is used inside the windows profiles allowing to increase the required stability level and decrease the need for any kind of extra steel reinforcements. Using this special plastic instead of steel components in the profiles can significantly improve their insulating performances.

Narrow profiled windows for greater natural light

Narrow profiled window choice gives you the opportunity to get more natural light through your windows, that is so required for our body, mood, and health. Along with the ability to transfer extra light into the room, narrow windows profiles have an updated and an appealing look.

Brightening your rooms with more natural light

To protect your home from theft, pay attention to the security of your system

Thief-protection is an essential point of your consideration when buying new windows. As your windows are the first point to be broken in case of burglary. Our All Tech Windows Inc. European windows are protected from burglary with the help of special inside safety lock.

This inside safety lock is used in interior window profile along the whole windows’ perimeter. Along with increased burglary protection, the usage of such lock provides better thermal insulation as it helps the sashes to be attached to the profiles more firmly.

All Tech Windows Inc. team highly advises you to make a thorough research of all the benefits of our Canadian and European Products if you want to get the best windows for your residence. To get more detailed information about a certain window and door types and technology, please visit our office for a consultation or just click the link to our website products subdivision.

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