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The faster our product delivery the happier are the customer. This is the main principle of All Tech Windows Inc. in addition to the excellent products and services, our company can offer you the perfect delivery and installation time!


To specify fast delivery conditions we should first talk about installation and manufacturing processes.


What is the process of windows installation?


The essential part of house building is vinyl windows installation. That is quite a complex procedure, as it requires specialists with certain sets of skills and knowledge.


All Tech Windows Inc. specialists have a lot of experience and can easily install windows and doors in any residence. The installation process begins with door and window measurements of your house. After all structural issues are set, we start to manufacture windows for your order. It usually takes 10 days for the manufacturing process to be completed. When the windows are ready, we start the delivery process of windows to your place. After old windows are taken out we clear the frames of debris and then properly install new windows, fix them and adjust.


Make an order for your windows at All Tech Windows Inc. In our work we are concerned about professionality, so all mistakes are expelled!


Our team cares about how each project is being completed. And the delivery procedure is no exception. We do not practice the storage of finished elements of windows and doors. We used a special window for a special customer. As already mentioned, it usually takes about 10 days to make windows for a particular customer. As soon as the manufacturing process is complete, we begin to prepare for delivery. First, our sales consultant urges you to clearly identify when you can accept the order. When the time is agreed, we deliver the windows. We are responsible for the safety and quality of the delivered goods, therefore we do not carry out an independent delivery or delivery by a third company. By the time your windows are not installed in your home, we are responsible for all shipping risks.


Taking into account all this information, please be sure that our specialists do the best to deliver and install goods as soon as possible. The faster goods are delivered the happier are our customers. We take care of each customer! For more detailed delivery information please contact our delivery consultant.

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