Windows soundproofing: its importance and relevancy

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Finally, it happened. This marvelous day, your day off had finally come. You wish you had more time to sleep and get rid of your tiredness. But it did not happen, as the whole city, countryside starts up its day, so you have to wake up as it impossible to keep on sleeping due to the troubling noise of the main street, running children, alarm signals or a grass- mower noise. Actually, everything is not so bad. In this article, we will try to convince you how the right windows can help you get rid of the unpleasant noise as well as the nervous deformation.

The only thing for your composure is the additional windows soundproofing.

Windows soundproofing is not a superhero or magic potion.

Windows soundproofing is not a superhero or magic potion.

Windows sound insulation or noise protection is a kind of process that is used to reduce unusual sounds in the premises.

It seems easy to prevent sound insulation, you just have to isolate your walls, floor, ceiling and save your happy life. But ordinary windows can still transmit enough sound vibes that make the mental state unstable. But do not feel bad! All Tech Windows Inc specialists will definitely solve your problem. The key to this problem is the additional soundproofing of the windows. All Tech Windows Inc specialists can provide you with works and services related to supporting for additional Windows sound insulation.

Just rely on our specialists and you will get to live in the perfect quiet.

Now let’s talk about some scientifical facts about noise distribution…

As it has already been investigated, the noise of more than 30 dB reduces our life duration. In this regard, urban livers are living for twelve years less because of the street noise, airports’ sounds and other noisy objects.

Now let’s consider how to make your windows soundproof

Windows’ principal tasks are to reflect two types of sounds: low-pitched noise and high-pitched noise.

To low-pitched noise group, we can refer cars sounds, underground trains, and noises caused by compressors- air equipment.

To high-pitched noise group, we can refer people’s screams, electric hammer drill noise.

We should remind you that the greater part of windows unit is glass made (approximately 63-79 %), so while ordering new windows All Tech Windows Inc. professionals highly advise you to pay the proper attention to glass quality.

As well as the other parts of windows unit, such as profile, fittings, sealing, side welding, are also of high importance.

Let’s take a closer look at each window unit…

As well as the other parts of windows unit, such as profile, fittings, sealing, side welding, are also of high importance. Let's take a closer look at each window unit...

Profile or plastic sash

Triple glass low profiled windows and five glass high profiled windows have equal soundproofing capacity. The higher profile is, the more glass panes it has, the more its soundproofing capacity.

Even if the windows profile area is just about 15 – 25 % from the total windows’ area, it still increases the soundproofing qualities. Moreover, this minor soundproofing quality is an addition that can make a difference.

Glass pane unit

The typical windows pane consists of three equal glass covers with a 4 mm depth, that are equally located from one another. Let’s consider the most typical windows pane option of 32 mm. It has the following calculation: 4 mm is glass cover, 10 mm is glass pane, 4 mm is glass cover, 10 mm is glass pane and 4 mm is glass cover.

In order to “kill” sounds with low magnificence, windows with a high depth of glass cover are used. It is used for glass covers with a depth of 5, 6 or 8 mm. But in order to avoid the resonance of windows, it is strongly recommended to use a glass cover of different depths.

To get rid of high-pitched noises, glass panes between glass covers should be as wide as possible (as its sash and strips, that suspend the windows unit, allow it) and here we should follow the recommendations of glass covers different depth.

The most important thing is in details

It is very important to pay special attention for fittings and sealing operating functions. If windows wing is not tightly adjusted or fittings will badly operate, so the noise can be transmitted through windows wing or sealing. So the appliance of updated soundproofing windows will be useless.

Proper installation is of high importance

The improper installation of soundproofing window can make all your affords useless.

Proper installation is of high importance

So a slight hole in welding can cause the air-tightness failure in the construction of the window. It will badly impact energy and sound protection qualities. Only high qualified specialists can provide the desired quality of welding. All Tech Windows Inc. team is ready to offer you highly qualified service for your welding composure. That is why it is highly important to choose the best windows company as All Tech Windows Inc. is!

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