Windows condensation: its reasons and ways of disposal

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The most reliable diagnostic investigation is carried out with the help of screen studying. As a whole, there are four principals reasons of windows condensation.

This problem is caused due to the following factors:

  • Inside microclimate conditions changing;
  • the improper choice of windows structure;
  • windows installation procedural violations;
  • faulty window units or windows sash.

We offer you to make a thorough study of vynil windows condensation and its reasons, in order to make clear the ways of its disposal.

If inside microclimate conditions are changed.

What are the agreed requirements of inside microclimate conditions?

The most comfortable living conditions are as follows: temperature level is about +18+23 0C, the humidity level is about 40-50%, air changes level is about 3 CBM for each room length, in case if these rooms are used for resting and sleeping.

In kitchen rooms, the air changes level should be 2 or 3 times faster (in case of electric or gas stove usage correspondently). As it is followed by these requirements, the living space is considered to be comfortable for living not only when it is warm inside but also in the case when it has sufficient supply of fresh air.

Ventilation units. Inside, the ventilation line is located in the kitchen and in the bathrooms. Ventilation of other premises is supported by ventilation and due to the drawbacks of windows of a wooden window. But after installing vinyl windows, the situation will change, if you choose the structure of windows without taking into account specific climatic conditions or the installation process failed. In this regard, we strongly recommend that you order the installation of trusted companies. All Tech Windows Inc. is ready to provide you with high-quality Windows installation services to avoid problems like condensation.

What is the true essence of windows condensation?

What is the true essence of windows condensation?

The airspace gets a certain amount of moisture. In case it touches some surface, the temperature of which is lower than “dewpoint”, it leads to condensation. If this surface is window glass, so it gets condensed. The degree level of condensation does not its constant value. “Dewpoint” temperature is much more related to inside air temperature and air humidity level. The more air humidity and the less inside air temperature, the higher dew point is.

Let’s look thought approximate condensation amounts per hour:

  • Breath (of each human) — ranges from 40 to 90 gr;
  • growing plants up to 10 gr from a small plant;
  • cleaning and cooking — up to 1000 gr;
  • bathing  up to 2600 gr;
  • washing machine operation up to 300 gr;
  • aquarium usage of medium size up to 200 gr.

Now let’s consider some reliable ways to dispose of windows condensation:

  1. to keep your windows partially opened for a long time in order to make inside air drier.
  2. to keep all your windows hopper fully opened for a quarter of an hour (you won’t lose too much heat, you lose the extra humidity)
  3. o this throughout the airing, opening all windows and doors (just for a couple of minutes)

Now we would like to introduce you on how to manage the condensation off of your windows.

The bad choice of vinyl windows.

If you are tired of window condensation, and you have your home equipped with PVC windows All Tech Windows Inc. specialists highly recommend you to replace your ordinary windows for energy saving units. But only one condition must be observed. Your new energy sufficient windows must be installed by highly qualified professionals. All Tech Windows Inc. offers you the best high rated specialists for windows replacement services!

Problems as a result of technical violations in windows structure settings.

It is senseless to buy the most expensive window unit if you are going to use the wrong seal and incorrectly maintain the elements of its fittings and other accessories. In some cases, the problem can be solved by proper gear regulation. Our company can also offer its clients high-quality refinement and fittings regulation services. If you need to save energy and warmth, just rely on All Tech Windows Inc. professionals.

The poor quality of windows and reveals of the installation

If you are absolutely positive in your window manufacturer, so the reason of your “window mist” is poor quality sash foaming or usage of vapor seal covering of bad quality. It frequently happens that your construction team forgets about vapor seal covering at all, just because they have no idea about the proper way of windows waterproofing. In this regard, we insist on your consciousness to trust windows installation process only to our professional team.

In fact, it is difficult to remove the installation errors of PVC panels.

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