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Your windows should not only be light and comfortable but much more important it being a safety concern for your kids. All parents can take care of furniture safety or home decoration materials safety, but it often happens that we forget about the safety of our windows in. According to the statistic data, more than three thousand children are injured by falling down every day.

The aspects you should pay your attention to while choosing the proper window units and their additional options to comply with sufficient level of your children’s safety.

All parents should pay attention to:

  1. The usage of special options that prevent your kids from falling downout a window

kids from falling down out a window

All kids are very curious, and their interest can overcome their sense of awareness. Everybody knows about the accident when a kid is falling out of a window. In Canada every year 4000 children are dying due to falling out from windows. It is your power to prevent such cases, just adding an option “Kids Safety” to your standard window unit. All Tech Windows Inc. takes care of our customers and their children as well, so we always offer this safety performance option to our customers. Please, don’t neglect it! It does not need too much from you. It is available in cost and guarantees the efficient safety of your family. All Tech Windows Inc. offers three types of this option:

  1. Window handle with lock and key. But in this case, you lose the opportunity to ventilate your room.

Window handle with lock and key.

  1. Airing Elucidator with the button (key) for window fixation in the required position. Pressing the button (key locking) the mechanism comes into operation. This mechanism is widely spread and applied in our country.

window fixation in the required position

  1. Tilt First System is a manufactured mechanism consisting of an upgraded window handle with the key and a kit of furniture for safe windows opening. The chain of the opening is as follows: tilting- key and handle turning.

Tilt First System

  1. The second point of your consideration, which makes your life more secure, is the use of window sills made of acrylic stone. Our company offers you various types of window sills according to your designs and wishes. Our children can sit on reinforced window sills, without fear of being hurt by cracked plastic. And parents, in their turn, will have no doubts about window construction reliance.

window sills made of acrylic stone

  1. Protective windows screens.

Protective windows screens.

Everything is quite easy with them. The option of anti-dust and is applied for people with allergies. And if you have pets you should think about adding an anti-pet option to your standard windows. All Tech Windows Inc. also offers this option to our customers.

  1. Additional Windows Options.

These options are not limited at all. Everything depends on your preferences. Such options as self-cleaning windows are rarely installed in nursery windows (only by customer’s request), while energy saving window units, in connection with additional energy protection, are widely used by All Tech Windows Inc. consumers.

Our company team is very concerned about the comfort and security of our consumers and their children, and therefore we want to ensure that as long as high-tech devices are not used, you can make your own security by choosing the appropriate window options for all Tech Windows Inc. products.

Just pay attention to the points stated below and plain stories will keep away from your house!

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