Hottest 2018 Window Trends

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Window Trends 2018

Window Trends 2018

With the new era of minimalism coming into play within the interior design world – windows are keeping right up. Almost every home owner nowadays is looking to modernize their home with the sleek lines, clean base colours and MORE GLASS! Yes you hear it, the amount of glass within homes is increasing day by day with floor to ceiling windows being the trend setters. We have outlined some of the most modern home window trends that range from colour choice to shape and contrast in order to help you find the perfect windows to “2018” up your house.


1. Dark Accents

One of the coolest trends going around right now is the black accents just around the windows themselves. In this scenario you still keep the frame of the entire window white but make the hues of the window black/dark brown. This style incredibly bounces right into your eyes and creates a sort of modern farm house style inside your kitchen as well as your entire house. TIP: the darks pop out even more when you have a snow white or even a pearl kitchen with just simple touches of darks such as the stove, microwave and/or fridge.


2. Sharp Angles

Unlike in the older days of window decor, windows nowadays must have sharp edges. This way they do not seem like they are from the previous decade and also pop out more because the human eye is very much attracted to symmetry.

3. Fine Lines

This one is a combination of sharp angles and dark accents because this tip is to make your windows look more like the windows of a store front. That aluminum/metal frame look is really what makes your windows pop out to anyone that walks inside of your house.


4. Pass-through windows

This has been an ongoing trend for years but it still keeps running its course. The pass-through windows are most popular in kitchen to deck passages, however nowadays are even being installed more inside of the house. This creates a more “open concept” look to the house and entices anyone who passes through your home to start a conversation about how incredible and surreal these passages look.


5. High End Woods

Most window frames are made out of pine, however changing that up to a white oak or even a mahogany creates a more solid look and feel to your windows and the entire room in general.


If made, designed and installed properly – windows can look even better on a wall than a Van Gogh painting. They are the outline on real nature outside and the frame around that “painting” can be created incredibly using these hot new trends. So g0 right ahead and upscale your home!

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