What is

All Tech Windows Inc.?


  • All Tech Windows Inc. is known as the company of doors, windows and patio door replacements in the area of residential trade.
  • We have direct cooperation with house owners.
  • All Tech Windows Inc. provides windows supply and installation services.
  • We can offer you two types of installation: full- frame installation and remodel window replacements.
  • All Tech Windows Inc. supplies energy saving PVC windows, doors and patio doors of steel and fiberglass materials.
  • We are not engaged in installation and supply of aluminum and wood units.
  • All Tech Windows Inc. offers you commonly used windows designs.

All Tech Windows Inc. windows have the following options:

  • casing,
  • awning,
  • sliders,
  • hung,
  • bay and bow,
  • shape and combination windows.
  • All Tech Windows Inc. offers glass units of triple-pane windows for the whole model range, including a slider and hung windows.
  • Our products are produced and assembled in Canada, they are suitable for operation under the conditions of prairie climate.
  • All Tech Windows Inc. cooperates with different financial subjects.
  • Window installation services are carried by highly qualified specialists.
  • Our goods and services are covered by the goods warranty.

We may not be suitable for you if…

You require the installation of the windows on the day of the order. All the windows are made custom for each customer. We do not practice windows stocks. The average time required for windows manufacturing is approximately 6-10 weeks. When windows manufacturing is completed, we can then start installation on the day agreed according to the contract.

You want to cut the price. Manufacturing of high-quality energy-saving windows provide premium class technologies and materials. All Tech Windows Inc. takes care of product quality and places its price on the market at a competitive level.

You need only window repair. We do not repair windows and glass, sealing or frame units, if a previous company had carried out the installation of these units.

You need the concrete cut in your basement. All Tech Windows Inc. offers and installs egress windows for basement bedrooms. We do not cut the concrete ourselves.

You are looking for one type of service, either installation or supplying. We do not work with buyers who want to purchase just windows or look only for installation specialists.

We are not working with commercial companies. We offer our products and service only for homes and homeowners.

Satisfaction Guarantee

It is common practice that people want to buy new windows just to dispose of old ones or compensate for improperly installed windows. All Tech Windows Inc. cares about your trust and our own credibility. We do our best of ensuring you that when you purchase our products you will be satisfied with the end result.

Our company is operating with a registered Saskatchewan contracting license. The license ensures your deposit is secure with us and we are responsible to complete the project as outlined.

Any operating business requires this license to assemble the payments. If a company has such license you can be sure that your deposit is safe and we are obliged to finish our services as it is agreed under the contract.

Our windows have passed CSA Certification and are Energy Star Rated. You have the option to compare our products with others and see our high ratings.

Our service specialists strictly follow local building code. We are obliged to inform you if any extra permits are required for your project.

We are concerned about our employee’s liability insurance. Thus, you may be sure that our workers follow the proper installation techniques.

If you need window services or you have any claims, you are welcome with questions. Just contact the responsible subdivision of our service department and we will try to find the best solution for you and your windows.

Our certificates


Our company for assembling payment for installation services uses trusted credit card terminals. You should not transfer your money the phone, or giving it to installers. All information you are giving us is the subject of private policy and would never be shared to anyone.
To get information that is more detailed you can ask our online product consultants, use our website or blog or just contact our office team. To be aware of confidence means your self-education of our goods and services, adjusting processes as well as comparing our company with other.

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